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Tietoevry’s Services for Some Swedish Customers Impacted by Ransomware Attack

Right, then, let’s pull up a chair and have a bit of a natter about a fair kerfuffle that happened in Sweden recently. Picture this: it’s the middle of the night on the 19th of January, you’re probably tucked up in bed having a kip, and over at one Tietoevry’s datacentres, things are going a bit pear-shaped. There’s been a ransomware attack. Not the full monty mind you, just a section of their Swedish datacentre.

Now, you’re probably picturing panic, system meltdowns, maybe even a bloke running around with his hair on fire, but here’s the thing: the impact was pretty contained. It did disrupt Tietoevry’s services for a handful of their customers in Sweden, but the overall infrastructure was as safe as houses. Bobs your uncle they jumped straight on it, though, isolating the affected platform quicker than you can say “fish n’ chips”. Makes you feel quite proud to be in the business, doesn’t it?

And it wasn’t just one or two tech whizzes that they squeezed into that control room, oh no, they had a team of experts big enough to field two cricket teams. They were all beavering away, no doubt fuelled by bucketloads of strong tea, to sort this whole mess out. And while they were at it, they made sure they kept all the affected customers in the loop. There’s such a thing as good manners, after all.

Venke Bordal, who happens to be the Head of Market Sweden over at Tietoevry Tech Services, had a few things to say. The first was a hearty apology – the kind you give when you’ve knocked over someone’s pint in the local. “We sincerely apologize for the problems this malicious attack is causing for our customers and everyone that is impacted by this,” Mr. Bordal said.

They absolutely chucked resources at this, sparing no expense to get it fixed quickly. They’ve kept a silver tongue with their customers about it too. Puts you at ease a bit, doesn’t it? Knowing there are those out there ready to face these things head-on when the chips are down.

So there you have it. A prime example of when bad things happen to good datacentres. But in true British spirit, our Swedish counterparts are soldiering on, handling the issue with their heads held high and most importantly, a sense of humour—proof that even in the face of a cyber hiccup, we can always rely on the power of a good cuppa and some hard graft to see us through.

by Parker Bytes

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