HEAL Security Desktop


HEAL Security Desktop

A comprehensive cybersecurity platform, akin to the trading tools used in the financial industry, Desktop provides real-time threat intelligence, monitoring, analysis, and decision-making capabilities for cybersecurity professionals to stay ahead of evolving cyber risks.

Desktop is a unified platform that revolutionizes healthcare cybersecurity by aggregating and contextualizing data, eliminating the need to switch between sources and offering an innovative approach to understanding and responding to risks.


Continuous AI-Powered Analysis: Central to our approach is the continuous tracking of vital data for AI-powered intelligent analysis. HEAL Security doesn’t just respond to threats; it anticipates and evolves with them. Our platform’s adaptive intelligence ensures that your organization stays ahead of the cybersecurity curve, proactively identifying emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Continuously tracking
vital data for AI-powered
intelligent analysis




Products identified and monitored


Hours potentially saved evaluating Vulnerabilities




Organizations, companies and Vendors continually updated and tracked

Highly Enriched Vulnerabilities with timelines and more

Public and private Data Sources monitored in 

Actionable vulnerability intelligence and cyber threat information.

In-depth analysis and correlation of data dedicated to healthcare cybersecurity. Revolutionary product empowering professionals to proactively anticipate and neutralize imminent cyber threats, a comprehensive cybersecurity intelligence tool providing the latest news, insights, and real-time threat analysis on the continuously evolving global cybersecurity landscape.

HEAL Security has unique, comprehensive vulnerability profiles that go beyond CVEs.

We set a new standard for vulnerability profiling that connects the dots between data sources, including advisories, security bulletins, CVEs, KEVs, CWEs, FDA, SEC, headlines, vendors, and more. AI-combined data sources provide a more complete profile with all the resources required on a single pane.

Trusted cybersecurity partner for the earliest possible cybersecurity information,
in context.

HEAL Security empowers cybersecurity, IT, and business professionals as a trusted partner with the fastest possible, customizable alerts and notifications about vulnerabilities, exploits, incidents, and medical device recalls to provide comprehensive context.



Customizable risk profiles.

Reduce noise and prioritize the information that is relevant to you. Tailor your cybersecurity intelligence for precision and efficiency in safeguarding your organization with customizable risk profiles, vulnerability views, and daily updates on your dashboard and in your inbox.

Healthcare focused cybersecurity and 
compliance resources.

HEAL Security Desktop is the only cybersecurity platform that provides industry-specific content, including FDA medical device calls and OCR data breaches. We are uniquely focused on healthcare with the tools needed to empower the industry to protect vital assets and patient information.

Fact! Lives are impacted by cybersecurity issues. Patient data is held for ransom. Emergency rooms are shut down.

Resources and insights.

Desktop is your knowledge hub for resources and insights, including HIPAA compliance tools, researched reports, cybersecurity glossaries, and more.

Unified cybersecurity situational awareness.

Our AI platform automatically collects and analyzes real-time data from thousands of sources to provide the latest information on global cyber developments. Desktop is powered with news and analysis, including complete profiles on vulnerabilities, incidents, organizations, and products to provide a single pane of glass with all correlated information in one place.

Integrated news and analysis.

Integrated news and analysis turns observations and headlines into insights and real world context so that you are armed with the intel to evaluate impact and to act.

Heal Security “Vitals”

Launch HEAL Security Vulnerability Intelligence Threat Awareness Live (Vitals) on your computer or screen to stay up to date on the latest developments. Be the first to know about exploited vulnerabilities, headlines, and trends.

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