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About Us

Revolutionizing cybersecurity for the healthcare industry

HEAL Security Inc. was founded in December 2021 with a single purpose: to protect the healthcare sector against the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks from criminal gangs and nation-state bad actors seeking to hack IT systems, steal confidential patient and clinical data, attack equipment and infrastructure, and prevent the proper delivery of patient care.

To counter this critical threat, we’re building and continually updating the world’s largest data lake of healthcare cybersecurity knowledge — 24x7x365 real-time information on sector-specific global cyberthreats, risks and attacks — and utilizing it to provide a range of products and services that enable IT personnel, managers and C-suite executives to immediately understand and act upon the cyber dangers that their organizations face every day. 

Protecting patient and clinical data, medical devices, IT systems and healthcare personnel

Ever since their adoption of advanced IT systems and connected medical devices, healthcare providers — ranging from hospitals, clinics and laboratories to individual physicians and clinical personnel — have been a prime target for ransomware and other cybercriminals. Their motives are financial. According to an IBM Security analysis¹, in 2021 the average cost of a healthcare cyberattack was $10.10 million, the highest of any industry sector and a 50% increase over the 2020 figure.

In 2021, more than 45 million U.S. individuals were affected by healthcare cyberattacks²; and in 2020 (the latest year for which figures are available), Bitglass reported that data breaches cost U.S. health sector organizations a total of $13.2 billion³. That’s nothing short of a national cybersecurity pandemic, and criminal attacks on the international healthcare sector, which endanger patient confidentiality and safety, are emerging all the time.

Our sector-specific cybersecurity knowledge empowers healthcare organizations to adopt a proactive threat management culture: streamlining communication, delivering pertinent situation-aware remedies and accelerating critical decision-making.

Delivering AI-based actionable intelligence to the people who protect our healthcare system

HEAL Security continually monitors, observes and gathers all global healthcare-related cyberthreat, risk and research data from a broad range of government, public and private datasets; orients, classifies and prioritizes that data in real-time; and converts it into situational-aware actionable intelligence, alerts and insights.

We’re constantly engaging with leading global universities, healthcare providers, medical equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers and related professionals to fully understand and stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity issues that the healthcare sector faces.

HEAL Security’s cybersecurity platform enables healthcare decision-makers to immediately identify and access the intelligence they need to protect their systems, patients and personnel. Our products provide tailored views into our sector-specific cybersecurity data lake, including enterprise solutions, dedicated terminals, function-specific dashboards and a daily curated bulletin service — all backed by international cybersecurity intelligence and command centers.

Continuous security ecosystem inspection for situational-aware cybersecurity intelligence

Our AI-based technology provides cognitive cybersecurity insights that are missing within the mass of raw healthcare cybercrime data, yielding a higher signal-to-noise ratio in threat detection. It addresses all the critical cybersecurity challenges that organizations are currently facing, which include the threat of data avalanche, disconnected tools, the heavy cognitive burden on time and expertise, siloed industry groups and the lack of trained cybersecurity personnel (a shortfall of some 3.5 million individuals in the U.S. alone).

Importantly, the HEAL Security suite of cybersecurity solutions combat attacks caused by flawed internal practices and the growth in device integration by providing continuous real-time security ecosystem inspection; robotic process automation for healthcare security, human-assisted assessment; analysis-driven remediation to increase speed to action; and proactive advice to prevent an activity before it happens — an intelligent system with self-correcting capabilities.

Industry professionals, backed by leading players across the healthcare sector

Powered by cutting-edge technology and led by an international team of information technology security and healthcare professionals with support from UnitedHealth Group and Health2047, the venture arm of the American Medical Association, HEAL Security is set to revolutionize cybersecurity defenses across the entire global healthcare industry. We’re aiming to catalyze the currently fractured and siloed U.S. healthcare ecosystem into a community that works together to fight cybercrime, so we’re always keen to connect with new partners across the healthcare, security and IT sectors to share cybersecurity knowledge and facilitate open communication on defending against the cyberthreats that the healthcare industry faces.

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