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You’re invited to join Heal Security Partners — a community that works together to fight cybercrime across the healthcare ecosystem by sharing knowledge and encouraging open communication on the cyberthreats, risks and attacks that the industry faces.

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HEAL Security is transforming healthcare cybersecurity by converting sector-specific cyber threat and risk data into actionable intelligence that empowers healthcare organizations to proactively protect their data, devices, systems and personnel.


We continually monitor and gather global cyber threat, risk and research data from a vast range of government and industry sources; orient, classify and correlate it in real-time; and convert it into actionable intelligence that healthcare organizations can use to observe, identify, assess and act upon attacks before they affect essential IT systems and impact upon the delivery of patient care. As a result, we’re building the most extensive knowledge base of active and ongoing cybersecurity events and risks across the entire healthcare industry. The data, insights and intelligence that we extract from that knowledgebase will enable a broad array of organizations to anticipate, protect against and neutralize cybercriminal attacks.


We’re mobilizing and creating a community of organizations and individuals across the sector — encompassing hospitals and healthcare facilities, medical device manufacturers, software, hardware and service providers, as well as IT professionals, cybersecurity subject matter experts and content owners, developers, researchers, analysts and training/certification bodies — who will share their experiences and knowledge to help others.


We’re currently establishing this critical initiative, so we’re reaching out to the global healthcare, cybersecurity and related communities and asking them to let us know if they’d like to be a part of transforming cybersecurity for healthcare.

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