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HEAL Security Desktop

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Delivers the latest news, insights and analysis on the continuously-evolving global healthcare cybersecurity landscape. Curated by an expert team, the site enables subscribers to anticipate and mitigate against impending cyber threats by providing detailed information and assessment of industry-specific threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

HEAL Security Bridge

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Dedicated cyber intelligence command center that continually monitors and analyzes all global cyber threat, risk and attack activity. Utilizing AI and ML technologies and staffed with cybersecurity experts, it provides real-time situational-aware insights that enable organizations to improve their cyber resilience and protect their critical data, devices, and personnel.

HEAL Security Recruit

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Healthcare-specific online employment platform designed to allow organizations to identify and recruit cyber professionals and to provide job seekers with an array of tools and resources to assist them in obtaining the specialist skills and knowledge they require to work in the healthcare cybersecurity sector.

HEAL Security Team

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Highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals are available 24×7 to assist healthcare entities in countering impending threats or remedying successful cyber attacks. Equipped with advanced tools and specialist industry insights, the team provides a rapid remote or onsite response to protect critical data, devices, and IT infrastructure.

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