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SolarWinds Requests Dismissal of ‘Baseless’ SEC Cybersecurity Lawsuit

Alright, chums! Grab a cuppa and let’s sit down for a bit. Let’s have a chinwag about events that unfolded recently with SolarWinds Corp., a techie company. Now this is a bit of a tech saga, so bear with me. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Now, as background, this whole thing kicked off with one of the worst digital hack attacks in history. Cyber bad-guys, right? Never a moment’s peace with them lurking around. Anyway, this all happened on a Friday. But the chaps over at SolarWinds, they weren’t having any of it. They told ’em they hadn’t done a single thing wrong when handling the cyberattack.

Apparently this whole thing was a bit of a legal masterstroke. Some guys from the US Securities and Exchange Commission – those American finance chaps dealing with investors – thought otherwise. They piped up, alleging that SolarWinds had duped investors by telling porkies about their software security. Not just that, but they also reckoned that SolarWinds had broken some control rules. But, our friends at SolarWinds Corp weren’t keen on these allegations flying around.

Before you make up your mind, let’s take a moment to explain a couple of things. This whole thing, the ‘what’s-its-name’ the US finance chaps are nattering about, it’s centred on some software called Orion platform. SolarWinds, the accused, they created this software. And who should pop up, sideways glance and all, but some tech-savvy Russians, apparently state-backed, who decided this would be a right laugh to mess around with.

Before anyone even got wind of these cyber nasties, SolarWinds claim they had been upfront with investors – crossing their hearts and hoping to die type stuff – about the risks. They staunchly maintain they used just the right amount of legalese to shed light on the potential risks before the Russians got in on the action.

Then, of course, the unthinkable happens. The red-alert, sound-the-alarms security breach. The tech nasties wormed their way into SolarWinds’ system, getting all touchy-feely with almost 100 different networks that utilised SolarWinds’ software. Can you believe that? Not just small ones either, we’re talking big business networks and even, as shocking as it might seem, federal agencies.

To hear SolarWinds tell it, they played it straight as soon as they stumbled across these cyber shenanigans. No covering up, they say. They claim to have given investors the full monty about the potential aftermath of that pesky breach. Above board and all.

That’s all the genuine ticker for today. Let’s wait and see how this whole SolarWinds court case shakes out, shall we? Fingers crossed, justice will prevail in the end.

So, what do you think, chums? Does this all sound like a bit of a storm in a teacup to you, or do you reckon we’re in for a right royal software scandal? Do let me know your thoughts, I’m always up for a good natter!

by Parker Bytes

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