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Nineteen french biotech companies you should know about

French biotech industry is leading global healthcare advancements with a rich history of pioneering companies focusing on medical research and cutting-edge technology. This report highlights 19 French biotech firms that are making significant progress in their respective fields. These include Abivax, focused on inflammatory diseases; Amolyt Pharma, developing therapeutic peptides for rare endocrine disorders; Antabio, developing novel treatments for drug-resistant bacterial infections; and Coave Therapeutics, advancing gene therapy for rare ocular diseases. Other firms like DiogenX, Enterome, Eligo Bioscience, Genfit, Imcheck Therapeutics, Innate Pharma, Inventiva Pharma, Nanobiotix, OSE Immunotherapeutics, Owkin, Sensorion, SparingVision, and Valneva Biotech are also contributing significantly to the fast-growing biotech industry in France.

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