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Milton Town School District falls victim to ransomware cyber attack

Alright, then! Gather ’round! I’ve got quite a tale to share with you today! A time-honoured tale of daring attacks, impenetrable defences, and quick-witted strategy… Oh, never fear, we’re not talking swords and dragons, but tools and viruses!

Last week, a most unwelcome guest came knocking at the Milton Town School District. This cheeky intruder turned out to be a ransomware attack, which threw a spanner in the works by locking and encrypting several files on the school server. Can you imagine the hustle and bustle this caused?

Now, even though they were caught off guard, the school district didn’t miss a beat. They promptly brought in the cavalry, in the form of the relevant authorities. And why not? Combating a virtual adversary calls for immediate action, and that’s precisely what they did.

Earning their stripes in this battle were the good folks from the VT School Boards Insurance Trust. The Trust, a sturdy backing for the schools, not only provides insurance coverage but is also known for its sterling expertise in cybersecurity. Pretty good insurance coverage, that, especially when a virtual Wreck-It-Ralph decides to stir a storm!

But, you know, as they say, “two heads are better than one” and so, the school district decided to call in reinforcements. So, who exactly answered this call for help, you ask?

Well, an all-star roster including the Vermont Agency of Education, Vermont Intelligence Center, and surprise surprise… the U.S. Department of Cybersecurity! It was all hands on deck as these superstars knuckled down to counter this digital skulduggery.

The next move? Why, a thorough forensic investigation, of course! It was no less dramatic than a crime drama series, as the consultants meticulously examined the scene of the crime, identifying compromised files. These are no ordinary sleuths, my friends. They use brains over brawn, guiding the MTSD through the process of restoring and securely rebuilding the locked files one by one.

So, there you have it, a thrilling tale of how our very own Milton Town School District bravely faced down a cyber dragon, rallied a team of experts, and lived to tell the tale. It’s proof enough that, in this modern age, battles and wars are fought not just on the ground but in the virtual world as well.

This brave new world needs brave new warriors, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the age of the cyber knight, standing guard over the realm of zeros and ones. But remember, it’s not all doom and gloom! Dark as it may seem, every cloud has a silver lining. And this story shows just how adept our institutions are becoming at dealing with these unexpected turn of events. Lend an ear the next time you hear such a tale, you might just marvel at the derring-do on display!

by Parker Bytes

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