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Job Opening for Research Fellow in Secure Network Communications at UNIVERSITY OF SURREY

Hey there, all you bright minds in cybersecurity and healthcare from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area! I’m excited to share with you some happenings across the pond that are bound to pique your interest. The Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), more famously known for housing the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), has some pretty big initiatives in the works.

Picture this: a world revolutionized by how we manage high-density mobile network traffic using O-RAN. Have I got your attention? Good – because that’s exactly what’s going on! ICS is putting up a strong response to the Open Networks Ecosystem Competition held by the UK’s own Open Networks R&D Fund. The goal? Develop open mobile networks specifically tailored for High Demand Density scenarios.

Now, my friends, that’s not an easy task. So they’re partnering up with the best of the best – the University of Surrey. Trust me, these guys have a pretty impressive resume, replete with advanced research capabilities, a keen understanding of communication technology, and most importantly, some of the best minds in cybersecurity. This expertise becomes the backbone to ensure the success of this ground-breaking project.

Here’s what they’re planning – and this is where it gets interesting for all you network security geeks. They’ll conduct a detailed threat analysis for the project’s architecture and all its components. Then, they’ll take it a notch higher by diving into the realm of securing cybersecurity scenarios. Awesome, right? But hold on, it gets even better. There’ll be a deep-dive into developing procedures for incident response and recovery and access control. The cherry on top? Proof of concept demos for secure audits over the Multicast Broadcast Services system and even within the 5GIC testbed.

If you aren’t familiar with ICS, let me give you a quick intro – it may turn your tech-geek heart aflutter! It’s the biggest academic research institute of its kind in Europe, fully committed to every facet of Information and Communication Technologies. Housing over 200 experienced researchers, ICS has a knack for developing large scale testbeds for research and innovation – all while boasting state-of-the-art lab and computing facilities.

And don’t get me started on the 5GIC! Established back in 2012, this place is truly a haven for everything 5G – researching end-to-end aspects closely with renowned academic institutes and industrial partners from around the globe.

Now, let’s talk about who’s the right match to join this quest. Someone with a graduate degree in network, computer sciences or engineering, with a heavy focus on cybersecurity. If you’re a pro at simulations for proof of concept and you’ve got solid programming skills (especially for secure IP multicasting within the 5GIC testbed), then you’re the one they’re looking for. Oh, and if you’ve got any research experience in related fields, that’s definitely a major plus!

One lucky individual will have the opportunity to work with a dynamic research team, assisted by some of the best academic staff and PhD students in the field. The only catch? Be ready to both coordinate and contribute to the research unfolding.

In case you’re wondering about remuneration, they’ve got a very competitive package. And if you’ve got a PhD under your belt, there’s a neat salary bump waiting for you. So stay tuned, folks! Exciting things are happening in the world of network security and O-RAN technology. Remember, we are on the cusp of a revolution – and you could be a part of it!

by Morgan Phisher

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