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itemis and Cybellum Join Forces to Improve Product Software Security

Hey there, Bay Area friends! Today, let’s talk cybersecurity and car tech.

So, here’s what’s happening: Two giants in cyber tech, itemis and Cybellum, are joining forces to make our vehicles safer and more secure. In the annual Auto ISAC Cybersecurity Summit, these two announced their partnership, aimed at providing superior cybersecurity solutions specifically for the auto industry.

Okay, so why is this so crucial, you ask? With cars getting smarter by the day (think Tesla, techies!), their interconnected systems come with a downside. Yes, you got it, cybersecurity risks. With threats always lurking in the digital shadows, it’s a constant job to stay ahead of potential problems. That’s where itemis and Cybellum come in, combining their expertise to give OEMs & Tier-N suppliers a fighting chance against cyber threats.

This partnership is going to change the game. Itemis and Cybellum plan to combine their existing solutions –– Itemis’ TARA (threat analysis and risk assessment) solution and Cybellum’s Product Security Platform (SBOM, vulnerability management, compliance validation, and incident response). Together, they’ll create an all-in-one package integral for Cyber Security Management Systems (CSMS) – something that’s becoming, not optional, but necessary due to emerging regulations.

What’s on the radar for these two? Collaboration, knowledge sharing, roadmap alignment and creating joint strategies for the market. With their forces combined, they’ll be able to craft tailored solutions to help the auto industry tackle cybersecurity challenges.

The combo of Itemis and Cybellum takes security for car makers to a whole new level. They’ll be able to spot potential cyber risks at every step, from the car’s idea stage right down to its final form on the assembly line. Here’s what that partnership means for automakers:

1. Spot improvement: Now automakers can automate the tracking of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities throughout the entire product lifecycle. This feature helps them to pinpoint and counter cyber risks and quickly follow ISO 21434 guidelines.

2. Assess it right: Automakers can now get a thorough understanding of their cyber risks, helping them make smarter decisions to counter those risks.

3. Stay on the right side: Compliance with cybersecurity regulations becomes easier with this solution, mainly the UNECE WP.29 R155 regulation.

Jonathan Mohring, President of itemis Inc, shares the excitement of teaming up with Cybellum. Teaming their threat analysis and risk assessment solution with Cybellum’s software provides a complete solution, keeping auto companies on the right side of regulations and better securing their products.

Cybellum CEO, Slava Bronfman, points out the importance of threat modeling in the auto industry, but also the critical role of software quality. Combining Cybellum’s platform with Itemis’ solution, he believes, will provide extraordinary visibility and insights, helping companies identify and mitigate cyber risks throughout a product’s lifecycle.

So, for safety’s sake, here’s a combo we can get behind. Thanks, Itemis and Cybellum, for making our rides just a touch safer!

by Morgan Phisher

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