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Eight AI Security Forecasts by Vendors for 2024

Hey there Bay area folks! Let’s dive into the future of cybersecurity and the role of technology in our everyday lives, from a series of industry experts’ perspectives.

First up, there’s an urge to prioritize security with cyber threats and privacy breaches being top-of-mind for all business owners in 2024. Not to mention how important it will be to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in order to amplify customer outcomes. But here’s a tough nut to crack – nabbing superior talent. With high demand for developers and engineers, finding the right people is like hitting a moving target.

On top of all of that, creating an ideal work environment that keeps both remote and onsite employees happy will be a real challenge. If we only focus on in-office work, we risk losing our most precious asset: our human capital.

Next, there’s the role of AI and machine learning that are becoming more accessible and crucial in every sector, from customer support to supply chain management. Plus, cybersecurity will become an even bigger player in this space, with tools detecting and responding to threats faster than ever before. This increasingly digital world of ours is showing us the importance of safeguarding our businesses from cyber threats, while also staying informed about evolving data privacy regulations.

But what of generative AI – the technology that could be our salvation or our downfall? Well it seems like APIs (application programming interfaces) become the unsung heroes. They’re crucial for securely integrating AI into our cyber defenses. And with this realization, organizations must appreciate that secure data sharing is not an option but a requirement for a robust AI-driven future. Using AI isn’t just about acquiring cool new tech, it’s about ensuring secure integrations, especially when it comes to APIs.

SIEM (security information, and event management) systems may be on their way out next year, according to experts. Instead, next-gen threat intelligence and analytics solutions could rise to the top, helping us fend off increasingly complex threats.

Another big change in 2024 could see more organizations appointing high-level execs to handle the ever-evolving security, compliance, and governance implications of AI. Say hello to the Chief AI Officer (CAIO)! Their goal? To guide the safe and productive use of AI tools across the organization.

Meanwhile, AI will continue to grab headlines and not just for conceptual advancements but for real-life applications. But watch out for those bad guys leveraging AI for scams like highly convincing phishing emails. On the flip side, we could also see the growth of sophisticated AI-based security tools designed to counteract these attacks in real time.

And, the prediction for 2024? A broader sweep of AI and more accessibility which, in turn, may induce a pressing need for strengthened cybersecurity and risk management. As AI presents more challenges to business integrity and critical data, the “what, how, and who” we share will become imperative. There might even be an uptick in hybrid IT deployments moving certain workloads back on-premise to better protect intellectual property.

So, what’s the secret sauce for thriving in this AI-driven world? It’s all about keeping up, making informed decisions, raising awareness, and getting educated. The challenge will be to adopt AI in a compliant, cost-effective manner that works for everyone.

Here’s where generative AI (GAI) comes in. With all its benefits, there’s also an increased awareness of its risks. One to watch out for is “Shadow AI” where employees use AI applications without the employer’s knowledge. Mitigating this risk means understanding how and why staff use these tools and maintaining control over data.

Finally, we cannot underestimate the potential of voice phishing (vishing) where scammers try to trick you into parting with your money over the phone. The prediction for 2024 is a significant rise in automated vishing, with deepfake audio and synthetically generated conversation models making these scams more convincing than ever.

To wrap it up- It’s a brave and bold new world out there, folks! Stay ahead of the curve, remember to prioritize security, and embrace advancements in AI and cybersecurity technology. We’re all in this together. Stay safe, Bay area!

by Morgan Phisher | HEAL Security

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