90% of futurists say digital twins will be widely used within a decade

A survey of TATA Consultancy Services futurists and a network of their peers with expertise in digital twins said they will reshape society by 2035. WHY IT MATTERS TCS, a global IT services, consulting and business services organization, says its new study analyzed when and how digital twins… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Intermountain launches interoperable, real-time CDS platform

Intermountain Health medical informaticists developed a clinical decision support platform that uses evidence-based medicine and artificial intelligence to accelerate patient treatment and integrate with electronic health records in real time. WHY IT MATTERSEvery Intermountain Health hospital or… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Health systems must consider physician workflow for precision medicine programs

CHICAGO — Implementing precision medicine programs could allow health systems to diagnose disease more quickly or predict a patient’s response to a specific mediation, said panelists at the 2023 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition. But there are challenges to putting together an… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Effective healthcare AI from data to deployment

CHICAGO – AI has the potential to foster early and accurate disease detection, precision and personalized medicine, population health and care access, clinical decision support, operational efficiencies and improved clinician and patient engagement. But the reality is, “We are not seeing these… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Quantum computer from IBM now deployed at Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic and IBM on Monday announced the initial deployment of what they say is a potentially transformative quantum computing initiative that could turbocharge healthcare research. WHY IT MATTERSThe new IBM Quantum System One now deployed at Cleveland Clinic is being touted as the first… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

New Jersey Cancer Care launches remote patient monitoring

With the Veris Cancer Care Platform, cancer care teams at the New Jersey Cancer Care, PA can now review patients’ physiologic and clinical data in real time and deliver personalized care. WHY IT MATTERS Today, NJCC and Veris Health, a subsidiary of New York-based PAVmed Digital Health, announced… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Johns Hopkins AI models predict ICU delirium risk

Two dynamic analytics models developed at Johns Hopkins University predicted delirium-prone patients when tested on two datasets drawn from 100,000 stays at a Boston hospital’s intensive care unit, according to new research. WHY IT MATTERS Delirium – sudden bouts of confusion, inattention,… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Exploring the connections between SDOH and public health

A person’s overall health and health outcomes are partly shaped by non-medical factors like the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, work and age. These non-medical factors are called social determinants of health (SDOH), and understanding them is key to achieving health equity for… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

NIH awards $2.8M to use AI for precision dosing

The National Institutes of Health awarded the Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles $2.8 million over four years to use artificial intelligence to anticipate dosing and target the condition of individual critically ill patients over… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

NIH begins sending genetic health results to All of Us participants

As part of its All of Us Research Program, the National Institute of Health will issue reports informing study participants if they have increased risks for certain health conditions – and givign them pharmacogenetic information that can indicate how their bodies might pocess certain… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More