HIMSSCast: What CIOs need to know now about AI’s data problem

Artificial intelligence faces many challenges in the healthcare industry. This week’s guest will address three: AI’s data problem, AI and the right to health, and what executives and clinicians need to know about AI right now. This week’s guest is Ryan Sousa, vice president of data and… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more

Tackling healthcare AI’s bias, regulatory and inventorship challenges

While AI adoption is increasing in healthcare, there are privacy and content risks that come with technology advancements. Healthcare organizations, according to Dr. Terri Shieh-Newton, an immunologist and a member at global law firm Mintz, must have an approach to AI that best positions… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more

ChatGPT scored 72% in clinical decision accuracy, MGB study shows

Putting ChatGPT to the test to see if AI can work through an entire clinical encounter with a patient – recommending a diagnostic workup, deciding a course of action and making a final diagnosis – Mass General Brigham researchers have found the large language model to have “impressive… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more

The essence of VBC lies in data-driven decision-making

The value-based care payment and care delivery model has been evolving for more than a decade, and with the right risk tolerance and aligned incentives, it promises to benefit patients, providers and payers. “While the adoption has been windy, there are clear signs of VBC’s stickiness and… Source: Healthcareitnews.com and Read More

Automation helps return time to patients, reduce clinician burnout

Automation and artificial intelligence have become crucial tools in transforming healthcare. Today, innovative use of AI helps ensure clinicians have more time to dedicate to their patients. Beth McCombs is executive vice president and chief technology officer at BD, a Fortune 500 medical and… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more

Where generative AI can make headway in healthcare

Dr. Shiv Rao is a practicing cardiologist and CEO of Abridge, a vendor of generative AI-powered clinical documentation technology. He built that voice-to-text technology so he knows about the ups and downs of generative AI, the type of AI behind the popular ChatGPT application. Healthcare IT… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more

AI-driven eye scans detect signs of Parkinson’s disease early on

Researchers at Moorfields Eye Hospital and the University College London have used artificial intelligence technology to pinpoint markers within eye scans and identify the existence of Parkinson’s disease an average of seven years before clinical symptoms manifest. The research, published in… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more

Three steps for healthcare organizations to responsibly use generative AI

The healthcare lead at research and consulting giant Accenture lays out how to get proprietary data ready, establish the right controls and harmonize people with the tech. Many healthcare organizations are onboarding generative AI fast and furious. Generative is the kind of AI behind the super… From: www.healthcareitnews.com – Read more