Global Mass Notification Systems (Solutions and Services)

The global Mass Notification System market, valued at $19.5 billion in 2023, is projected to grow to $49.9 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 20.7%. This growth is driven by real-time notification demand in sectors like IT, Telecom, and Logistics, particularly within North America. The BFSI sector is also set to be the largest […]

5 Key Steps to Enhancing ROI

Cyber threats are evolving, rendering traditional defences obsolete. To maximise value from cybersecurity investments, companies should: define clear objectives; conduct a risk assessment including a cyber-risk score; incorporate cybersecurity goals into wider business objectives; establish measurable KPIs; and thoroughly evaluate vendors. Implementing such strategies can provide a high return on investment amid ongoing economic uncertainty.

Stealthy WailingCrab Malware misuses MQTT Messaging Protocol

The WailingCrab malware has evolved to increase its stealth and detection evasion by using MQTT protocol, which is not commonly used by malware and can easily blend into legitimate IoT traffic. The malware, delivered via spam campaigns and hosted on Discord, has a loader, injector, downloader, and backdoor components. Security precautions such as up-to-date antivirus […]

Quantum eMotion’s Cybersecurity Endeavors Boosted by Greybox Solutions Digital Therapeutics Platform Breakthrough Results in Heart Failure Study -November 21, 2023 at 09:20 am EST

Quebec-based Quantum eMotion’s partner, Greybox Solutions, has produced successful results in testing its digital therapeutics platform (DTx) for heart failure patients. The study, in collaboration with several other partners, revealed a decrease in healthcare costs and hospital visits. Quantum eMotion’s CEO, Francis Bellido, highlighted the importance of robust cybersecurity in protecting patient data and praised […]

Quantum eMotion’s Cybersecurity Endeavors Boosted by Greybox Solutions Digital Therapeutics Platform Breakthrough Results in Heart Failure Study

Quantum eMotion’s commercial strategy key partner, Graybox Solutions, achieved significant success in treating heart failure outpatients in a recent clinical study. The study’s preliminary results showed a significant reduction in emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and a 23% decrease in healthcare costs. The study employed the Takecare digital platform, which offers a self-care application for patients […]

Report finds malware is no longer the biggest cyberthreat to smaller businesses

The largest cyber threat facing small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is not malware, but the abuse of legitimate tools and non-malware mechanisms, according to a report from Huntress Labs. Threat actors are exploiting remote monitoring and management software and the prevalence of cloud platforms. The company recommends SMBs integrate multifactor authentication, enhance visibility into potential […]

Play Ransomware Goes Commercial – Now Offered as a Service to Cybercriminals

The ransomware strain known as Play is now available to other threat actors as a service, according to cybersecurity company Adlumin. It states that the lack of variations between attacks indicates the ransomware is being sold with a step-by-step execution guide. Play, which uses flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server to infiltrate networks, was previously unique […]

Cyber attack on British Library raises concerns over lack of UK resilience

The British Library, one of the world’s largest document repositories, has confirmed it suffered an extensive outage due to a ransomware attack. Cyber intelligence experts claim the attack highlights the government’s lack of investment in cyber security, especially in crucial infrastructure like schools and hospitals. The hacking group Rhysida, linked with Russian connections, has claimed […]

Huntress Unveils Inaugural SMB Threat Report, Observes a

Huntress, a Managed Security Platform, has released its first SMB Threat Report, focusing on cyber threats to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The report outlines emerging threat tactics, such as the rise in non-malware threats and identity-based attacks, while also noting the misuse of business tools for cyber intrusions. It aims to guide MSP security […]