Strengthen your cybersecurity posture
and strategy.

Experience unparalleled speed with industry-specific, comprehensive situational threat awareness.

what is the HEAL Security platform?

A holistic cybersecurity solution that gathers and correlates data from carefully curated, robust datasets, providing you with comprehensive context. This integrated platform is unmatched in its cyber threat and vulnerability intelligence for healthcare and equips you with all the necessary information to make critical decisions and the resources to take action.

One cognitive cybersecurity intelligence platform

HEAL Security’s cybersecurity platform is made up of three core products. They each have the same underlying cyber threat intelligence and work together to help your team with situational awareness.

Access vital data and robust analytical tools to swiftly discover deep insights, vulnerabilities, technology, and news 
in one place for efficiency to stay ahead 
of threats.
Key Features:
  • Real-time vulnerability intelligence
  • Powered by AI amalgamated datasets
  • Customizable risk profile

Critical cybersecurity information essential to your organization on a single screen, updated in real-time to help your team make informed decisions.

Key Features:
  • Latest cybersecurity & healthcare headlines
  • Keep track of top CWE trends
  • Real-time cybersecurity intelligence

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Key Features:

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“We’re building a community to protect healthcare organizations,
patients and practitioners from cybercrime — saving lives and
ensuring the proper functioning of one of our nation’s most valuable resources.”

Charles Aunger

CEO and Founder, HEAL Security