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The real cybersecurity risk sits between the chair and keyboard

A recent survey conducted by PwC in Germany revealed that the public has concerns about healthcare cybersecurity. One in three people surveyed stated that they would worry about IT systems breaking down due to cyberattacks during a hospital visit, and half of the respondents believe that hospitals are unprepared for cyber threats. The survey also highlighted the importance of cybersecurity education for medical staff, with two-thirds of Germans believing that it should be mandatory. Another survey from HIMSS showed that phishing emails remain a significant security threat for healthcare organizations, emphasizing the need for staff education. The HIMSS workshop on cybersecurity explored factors contributing to the risk posed by staff members, including a lack of basic education and usability issues. Experts suggested implementing security by design measures, such as voice or face recognition technologies to eliminate passwords. Additionally, engaging patients in cybersecurity education and encouraging them to actively participate in reducing cyber risks in healthcare organizations was recommended.

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