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itemis and Cybellum Collaborate to Improve Product Software Security

Hey there, from the heart of San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve got some insider news for you today from the cybersecurity world.

Imagine automotive leaders itemis and Cybellum are linked arm and arm, working together! Quite a picture right? This is actually what’s happening. They’re teaming up to provide top-notch cybersecurity solutions for all those cars zooming around, connected to GPS or perhaps providing the quiet atmosphere for a conference call.

Now, you’ve probably heard of itemis – they’re famous for offering high-level Threat Modeling solutions. And Cybellum? Oh, they’re the geniuses behind a powerful and award-winning Product Security Platform.

So what’s the gist of this partnership? Well, think about the incredible know-how of itemis’ Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment, now mixed with Cybellum’s system of handling vulnerabilities, validating compliance, and managing incidents. Makes for a pretty powerful cocktail, doesn’t it? This alliance promises a solid foundation for Cyber Security Management Systems; the ones that emerging regulations have been pointing toward.

This partnership is all about collaboration, learning from each other, aligning aims, and working on shared go-to-market strategies. What they’re doing is weaving together their individual strengths to address cybersecurity hurdles that the auto industry is facing, providing tailor-made solutions for their clients.

Their combined vision offers automotive companies a clear path to identify and mitigate cyber risks with a fuller context at every stage of the product’s lifecycle, and moreover:

A leap in traceability: Their solution will streamline and automate traceability throughout the product’s existence, from development to post-market. This will support automakers in pinpointing and mitigating cyber risks and ensuring compliance with the ISO 21434 guidelines.

Elevated risk assessment: The combined solution gives automakers a much broader view of their cyber risk landscape, effectively helping them make sound decisions on mitigating those risks.

Adherence to regulations: The solution ensures automotive companies stay on the right side of cybersecurity rules, particularly focusing on UNECE WP.29 R155.

Jonathan Mohring of itemis couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Cybellum. Together, we’re offering a streamlined and powerful package for automakers seeking to bolster their Cyber Security Management Systems to meet the requirements of the ISO21434 standard and the WP29 regulation.”

Cybellum’s CEO, Slava Bronfman added, “As threats evolve, it’s increasingly crucial that automotive companies get the tools and visibility necessary to identify and mitigate cyber risks throughout their product’s lifecycle.”

Itemis had its humble beginnings in 2003, with a focus on tailor-made software solutions and services. It has since evolved into an international IT company with 14 locations, setting new benchmarks in software automation.

And then there’s Cybellum, the platform where product security teams go to manage and ensure the fundamental security and compliance of their products.

This alliance, folks, is a big deal. Stay tuned for more!

Stay safe, Bay Area!

by Morgan Phisher

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