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Dryad Global and BlackBerry Collaborate to Provide Advanced Cybersecurity for Vessel Protection

Hey folks in the San Francisco Bay Area healthcare and cybersecurity scene,

Let me share an exciting piece of news with you about Dryad Global. You’re familiar with Dryad Global, right? They’re a major risk technology provider, specializing in the maritime industry, offering wide-ranging security, operational, and threat intelligence solutions. Lately, they’ve ramped up their efforts regarding maritime cybersecurity by integrating additional malware protection services to their ARMS portfolio.

In reality, the maritime world is getting more digitized, but with these advancements, there’s an uptick in threats too. Oftentimes, the sea captains, vessel operators, and crews are bogged down by these cyber-related complexities, which diverts their focus from fleet operations. To tackle this, guess who they’re teaming up with? BlackBerry! You heard it right.

The core of this allegiance revolves around blending the ARMS platform by Dryad Global with BlackBerry’s Cylance® AI. Now, why is this significant, you ask? It ensures top-class AI-backed security alongside expert advisory services. Thanks to this merging, the most vulnerable component of vessel networks – the endpoints – can be safeguarded effectively.

Now, this isn’t just restricted to cargo movement, folks. From cruise services and superyachts to the insurance sector, this does cover a lot of ground. Picture this – a 360-degree threat assessment, 24/7 expert cybersecurity team, and a groundbreaking Security Operation Center (SOC), all ready to serve. Plus, they aim at a prevention-centric strategy to equip their clients with deep insights into maritime cyber threats. Not to mention, it provides an excellent platform to make insightful, risk-adjusted decisions as well.

Cylance AI, the heart of this partnership, was born as a pioneer in AI cybersecurity. Its predictive nature allows it to keep businesses one step ahead of cyberattacks without sacrificing operational efficiency. Now, that’s a game-changer, don’t you think?

With stellar efficacy rates and less hassled consumption of resources compared to other contenders, Dryad Global and BlackBerry’s solution provides a considerable defense for fleets and vessels regardless of their size. Now, this doesn’t just stop at threat neutralization. Pair that with Dryad Global’s expertise in threat analysis, any possible breaches and repercussions will become a thing of the past.

But what about the perks of this partnership? Well, there’s a whole gamut of advantages lying at your fingertips. From AI-powered protection that remains operational even without internet connectivity to a comprehensive set of assessments, and advanced feature sets like device hardening and secure connectivity, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

The versatility in the solution is indeed commendable. It ensures optimum performance in any environment, irrespective of whether the software stacks are cloud-native, hybrid, or on-premises.

So, folks, that’s the fantastic update we had for you! The future of maritime cybersecurity looks bright, doesn’t it?

by Morgan Phisher

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