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Channel 16 Reports: Dryad Global Collaborates with BlackBerry for Enhanced Vessel Protection Cybersecurity

Hey, you Bay Area buffs! Have you heard about exciting new things happening in our region? We’ve got some juicy news to share! Get this, Dryad Global, a local cybersecurity star, and BlackBerry, that nostalgic tech-giant, have teamed up to give us an enhanced cybersecurity layer for ship protection.

Having much influence in the Maritime sector, Dryad Global has been a watchful guardian over the high seas. They are renowned for their diligent data analysis, in telemetry especially. They continuously speak to identify measures and fight against maritime crime. In essence, they keep our local shipping industry safe in the turbulent waters of cyber threats.

Now, as for BlackBerry, we all remember them, right? Once upon a time, they were the toast of the corporate world with their signature QWERTY keypad phones. Now, they’ve reinvented themselves as a powerful name in cybersecurity, brimming with a slew of high-tech offerings. They have also left a mark as an IT consultancy firm, assisting organizations overcome challenging security elements. Quite a transformative journey, don’t you think?

So, what happens when these two giants shake hands? Magic, of course! They’ve recently joined forces to navigate through the stormy waves of cybersecurity, with a novel concept of advancing vessel protection. And no, we’re not talking pirates and cannons here, but hackers and malware attacks on ships!

Imagine the situation – our huge merchant ships, loaded with untold tons of cargo (pretty important stuff, mind you!), out in the open sea, miles and miles away from the shoreline. A hacker gets into the ship’s system, and bam! A potential disaster is just a click away.

As scary as that may sound, that’s exactly what this robust twosome aims to combat. To keep things watertight, they are introducing IntelliGuard, an advanced protective layer against potential cyber threats. Yep, that’s where BlackBerry steps in, bringing its powerful cybersecurity capabilities to thwart off any digital pirates, while Dryad Global maintains constant vigilance over the unpredictable maritime domain using IntelliGuard.

It’s a kind of symbiosis between the old-school strength and modern-day tech wonders. Dryad brings the industry know-how and BlackBerry provides the tech muscle. A classic tale of expertise meets innovation, don’t you agree?

While we’re talking about this collaborative effort, let’s not forget the other side of the coin – healthcare. We all know how crucial cybersecurity is in our healthcare sector. With the increasing digitization, confidential patient data needs to be handled with care. Both Dryad and BlackBerry understand this. Their expertise in cybersecurity can also provide valuable insights and solutions for potential data breaches in the healthcare sector.

So there you are – two homegrown companies pivoting towards the future, making strides in cybersecurity, and all this happening right here in the Bay Area! No matter whether you’re an old hand in the maritime industry, a healthcare professional, or just a Bay Area local (like yours truly), it’s impressive to see how far we’ve come in terms of technological advancement and collaborative industry efforts.

That’s all from me this time. News like this only goes to show how rich and diverse our tech-world right here in San Francisco truly is, don’t you think? Until next time, Bay Area, stay secure and healthy!

by Morgan Phisher

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